Error message Error code In use? On Beta Testing?
Sorry, you may only have 200 friends. Please remove some friends to add more c901 No (wait) No (only full)
Sorry! There was a problem starts "%game%". Please try again, or contact support if the problem continues.c902 No (wait) No (only full)
Sorry, your igloo may only contain 99 items Please remove an item to add this item c10006 No (wait) No (only full)
Item already in your inventory.s395 No (wait) No (only full)
You need more coins s396 No (wait) No (only full)
This item is not currently available. s397 No (wait) No (only full)
This feature is not currently available. s402 Yes Yes
You already have this igloo. s500 No (wait) No (only full)
You already have this flooring. s501 No (wait) No (only full)
You already have this furniture. s502 No (wait) No (only full)
You already have this item. s503 No (wait) No (only full)
Oops! You need to purchase a "Membership Pass" to buy %type%. We would love to have you join. Click the button below to see more about "Membership Pass". c999 Yes No (only full)
Sorry, you must wear the "Membership Pass" to use this featurec1000 Yes No (only full)

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