Room Building #1 Building #2 Building #3 Building #4
Ski Hill Sled Racing N/A
Ski Village Ski Lodge Everybody Phoning Facility N/A
Lodge Attic EPF HQ
Find Four, Ice Fishing N/A
Beach Lighthouse Migrator N/A
Beacon N/A
Jet Pack Adventure
Dock Hydro Hopper N/A
Town Coffee Shop Dance Club Clothes Shop N/A
Book Room Arcade N/A
Bean Counters,
Smoothie Smash, Mancala
SoundStudio, Dance Contest,
Astro Barrier, Thin Ice, Bits and Bolts
Snow Forts Stadium N/A
Plaza Pet Shop Puffle Hotel Puffle Berry Mall Pizza Parlor
Puffle Park N/A Pizzatron 3000
Puffle Launch,
Pufflescape, Puffle Roundup
Center Plaza Sport Shop Ninja Hideout Stage Recycling Plant
Forest N/A
Cove Catchin' Waves N/A
Mine Shack School Mine Skatepark N/A
N/A Cave
Boiler Room
Gold Mine
Hidden Lake
Cart Surfer, Puffle Rescue

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