Postcards are cards that can always be sent to other players, and bought for 10 coins each, in the Postcard Catalog. The categories for post cards are invitations and encouragements. Some post cards are related to Project Penguin's theme for the month. Other invitations include the Pizza Parlor, the Coffee Shop, the Dance Club, the Snow Forts, the Ice Rink, Sled Racing, the Ski Lodge, Mancala, Cove, and Find Four. New post cards come out at least every two months. Since Penguin Mail was introduced, people can save their mail inside a "mailbox" and receive it even when they're offline.

List of Postcards

Main article: Project Penguin:Postcards/List


  • It is impossible to retrieve a postcard if it has been deleted.
  • Teamwork Group is able to automatically send you postcards of important events.
  • Starting from 2016, penguins are able to receive a 'check' monthly by being a Secret Agent or a Tour Guide. They will have 250 coins automatically added to their accounts. This is stacked up, so if you were a secret agent and tour guide, you would get 500 coins, 250 for each for job combined.
  • It is impossible to get more than 92 postcards. If you get 93, the latest postcard will be deleted and you'll still have 92.
  • The 'robloxian name' aspect of postcards is in text format rather than being part of the picture due to it being a variable.
  • Non-Members can only have up to 50 postcards, however Project Penguin can add more.

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