A server is an individual but identical version of Project Penguin Island designed to allow lots of robloxians to play Project Penguin without any technical problems caused by a surplus of players. The maximum number of robloxians that can play on one server at the same time is 50.

List of servers

Any server listed below in bold means that the server is an Ultimate Safe Chat server (where robloxians can only choose from selected phrases, instead of whatever they wish to say), Any server listed below in italic means that the server is an similar name of "TV Seasons / Video Games", Any server listed below in underline means that the server is an minigame on Project Penguin:


  1. Puffle Server
  2. Projectland
  3. Tipworld
  4. EveryPhoneFaciland
  5. Teels
  6. Tamaran
  7. World of OOO
  8. Luigi Raceway
  9. Booyakasha
  10. Atlanteans


  • Some of the servers in Project Penguin have a bug where they load forever upon attempting to join. This bug has been around since 2015/2016 when Project Penguin first launched

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