Project Penguin: Membership Pass
Available Yes (full / beta)
Powers Yes
Party N/A
Cost 175 R$ (full)
Free (beta)
Where found Roblox: Developer Shop

Membership is an optional addition to Project Penguin which players can buy. By default, players have a limited access to many of the features of the island, but players with a membership have unlimited access to all features. This includes buying clothing, earning all stamps, accessing all the features in parties and events, adopting up to 35 puffles, and so on. Robloxians with membership are called "members", wheres players who don't have a membership are referred to as non-members.

Member Badges

All members have their membership badge on the upper-left corner of their player card image. The badge's design changes depending on how long the player has been a member for. The longer the membership lasts, the higher the badge's "rank" is. This system has been used at the Membership Meter.

  • Badge Level 1: standard member badge [Next level duration: 30 minutes]
  • Badge Level 2: member badge with blue stripe [Next level duration: 1 hour]
  • Badge Level 3: member badge with blue and orange stripes [Next level duration: 2½ hours]
  • Badge Level 4: member badge with white, blue and orange stripes [Next level duration: 5 hours]
  • Badge Level 5: member badge with white, blue, orange stripes and a star [Next level duration: 6½ hours]
  • Badge Level 6-21: member badge replaced by moderator badge [Next level duration: 12½ hours]

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